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Florence Lynds, C.V.S.C (Certified Vibrational Sound coach)

Smiling Woman with short brown hair with pink and white scarf and red sweater snow in background

My name is Florence Lynds. I am French and grew up in Paris where I earned a Master in Management Sciences in 1991. The successful business career that ensued led me to leave my home country and live most of my adult life outside of France. I eventually left the workforce to raise my family across several international postings, settling in the United States in 2012. My daughters’ needs brought me to open my mind to energy healing and the alternative options it offered.

This eventually blossomed into a desire to train in an energy healing modality and offer those options to others. I have followed the SomaEnergetics™ training, learning to use Tuning forks and their Energy Vitality Technique becoming a Vibrational Sound Coach and a Spiritual Health Coach in the process.

I am also a student of The Invisible Garment, a spiritual body of work brought forth by Connie Kaplan.

As I travel across cultures and healing traditions, I remain a very grounded individual who always knows where my “True North” is.

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