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Policies & Procedures


1. Nondiscrimination


I am committed to complying with applicable federal civil rights law and never deny service to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the ground of race, color, or national origin, disability, creed, religious affiliation, sex gender, gender identity or expression or sexual orientation or weight.


2. Languages


All languages and accents are welcome! English is NOT my first language; I am a native French speaker. Sessions can be done in English, French, Italian or Spanish.

3. Financial Policy

  • Private sessions are $90 ($92 with Venmo) and last 90 minutes.

  • Package of 3 Sessions is available for $240 ($245 with Venmo) paid in full at first session. Save $30

  • I do not accept Credit Cards. I accept Cash, Venmo and checks. 

  • Returned checks: I withhold the right to deny appointments to clients whose check was returned.

  • Remote sessions need to be prepaid through my website.

  • Appointment is due if cancelled less than 24h prior.


4. Clients’ Responsibility

I recognize that my clients are responsible for their own health, healing and well-being. Vibrational Sound Therapy is not a substitute for adequate medical care and my clients need to remain under the care of their primary healthcare provider


Appointments can be canceled with a minimum of 24h notice without which the appointment fee will be charged.

Late arrival for an appointment will be handled as follows:

  • Up to 15 minutes delay, I will do my best to do what I can in the allotted time knowing that the session’s scope will obviously be reduced

  • Over 15 minutes delay, the session will be considered due and will need to be rescheduled

Communication is key...I understand that life happens, the key is to communicate honestly with me regarding cancellations and arrival times.


5. Confidentiality, Abuse Reporting Policy and Reporting of Illegal Activities


I am committed to the highest standard of confidentiality regarding my clients’ information, but confidentiality can also be a two-way street and I ask my clients to respect the confidentiality of our conversations.


I may need to make a report to the competent authorities if I suspect a client is emotionally, mentally, physically or psychologically abused or if I suspect my client to be abusing others.


The confidentiality agreement does not apply to any illegal activity a client might report engaging in; I will first encourage my client to report it to the proper authorities or report it myself if they fail to do it as per my legal obligation.


6. Referrals

I am not medically licensed and, therefore, do not diagnose diseases, illnesses, mental or physical disorders, nor prescribe any form of medications. The procedures used are not a substitute for medical examinations or treatment. I will refer my clients to the appropriate licensed professional or back to their primary care physician if the diagnosing of a disease, illness, mental or physical disorder or prescription of any form of medication is needed.


7. Disagreement/Conflict Resolution


I am committed to discussing issues with my clients in good faith and to settle disagreements directly with them or if this is not possible, then I will turn our concerns over to the current resolution service in use by the Certification Board to mediate an agreement acceptable to both my client and I.




1. Client Records


I will not track information beyond the scope of a Session form where I track the techniques and tuning forks used in the session.


2. Professional Standard of Care


As a certified SomaEnergetics™ Vibrational Sound Practitioner through the Natural Therapies Certification Board, I will use the SomaEnergetics Techniques, Solfeggio tuning forks and a variety of sets of tuning forks to provide energy therapy to my clients. The scope of an Energy balancing Session is to harvest the vibrational power of the tuning forks to reintegrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of my clients to bring about an improved quality of life. My goal is to assist my clients in facilitating their own healing process.


Also, when energy flows freely, we may find our pain or stress is reduced and we may find we have the energy to make the changes we want in our lives.


A typical session will be 90 minutes long and is conducted fully clothed on a massage table. 

The session will begin with an affirmation and use of the “OM” tuner (very grounding tuner tuned to the frequency of the earth) to take away the stresses of the day. 

The client will then experience the Energy Vitality Technique devised by SomaEnergetics and which can assist in opening the client’s energy centers and in raising its energy level from survival to optimum vitality. Specific areas of concern can then be addressed with the Solfeggio Body Tuners to relieve pain. Specific energy blockages can also be addressed using different sets of tuning forks like the Brain Tuners.

The session will be closed with the use of the “OM” tuner again as well as with a closing affirmation and a final test to chart any energetic improvements.

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