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“After a traumatic death in my family, Florence has helped me to move whole-heartedly through the pain of loss. She combines her skill with the tuning forks with wisdom and compassion to provide a genuine healing experience.”

Andrew F., NY

“I have had numerous tuning sessions with Florence.  Each one has provided me with remarkable and meaningful insights that I have been able to immediately apply to my day to day life.  Working with Florence has helped me to let go of barriers that have unconsciously driven the way I move through life. Dissolving these barriers has allowed me to better understand my own story and to catch glimpses of potential that feels both aspirational and entirely achievable.” 

Cheryl M., VT

"Florence and SomaEnergetics’ techniques have helped me find a depth of healing that I didn’t know was possible.  I had been working for years to move through some issues that came about during a traumatic event and time period.  The healing was very slow-going, but I was determined.  In my initial sessions with Florence, I experienced profound changes in myself.  I felt that I came back into alignment with myself.  It’s hard to put into words now but it was not hard to understand experientially.  It felt right.  I appreciate this work and Florence’s innate talent with all my heart. “

Gwen G, NY

Life. Changing. I've spent well over a decade exploring talk therapy, acupuncture,  energy work and various other modes of holistic healing. But the Chakra balancing and sound work that Florence offers has by far made the biggest impact on me, spiritually and physically. I am eternally grateful for her work. I've grown leaps and much more grounded and clear. I wish every human on this planet could experience this! 

Julie B, NY

“I have been working with Florence for over a year now.  After a session, I feel grounded and typically sleep very well.  Looking back at my journals the words that keep popping up are 'calm body and mind', 'peaceful', 'present with less mind chatter', 'rejuvenated' and overall 'happy'. Florence is very passionate about helping people feel the best version of themself.” 

Danielle M., NY

I can't say enough about how the work Florence has done for me, has changed my life. Tuning has assisted me through many physical and emotional moments in my life. When I first saw Florence, I really wasn't sure what to expect. The deep state of relaxation I experienced, coupled with the vibration of energy moving through my body was truly unique. The experiences I have had have led me to a deeper understanding of when my body is "out of tune". The ability to see Florence and have her bring vibrational alignment to both my body and spirit is such a gift.

Katrin H, NY

“Over the years, I have experienced a wide variety of (energy) healing modalities. Florence’s healing sessions are at the top of my list. Although I have been experiencing regular sessions for over a year, I am still surprised by their impact and power. Each session brings a different experience, but I always leave her table uplifted, at peace and energized. We initially started to work on my shoulders, to later address other issues that I was struggling with. While it is up to you to do the work, Florence is very good at guiding you through the healing process. She is a very skilled and effective healer. She is compassionate and very thorough. I am looking forward to my next treatment. Highly recommended.”

Anouk B., NY

“Florence offers a unique energy practice that brings greater balance to the body, mind and spirit.  She is very intuitive and creates a safe space for healing work to occur. I’ve had several sessions with her, and have left all of them feeling energized, renewed, fascinated, and wanting to learn and experience more.”

Joan B, NY

“When I heard Florence was giving energetic healing treatments I was surprised because I have known Florence to be very rational and logical. The more I learned about her experience in coming to be an energy healer, I knew she had researched it thoroughly before starting this journey.  Being so grounded, she is able to use her new skills and tools to help people in a sincere way. Florence provides a unique energetic treatment. I always leave feeling balanced, focused, and energized.”

Genii R., NY

“A friend suggested that I see Florence after being in the hospital for the second time. The doctors ran every test possible and could not find a reason for my abdominal pain and lack of appetite. I was down to 112 pounds. At 5’7”, I was very underweight, and my mental health was suffering. At my first session with Florence my stomach started to grumble when she used the tuning forks. I have been going to Florence since March ‘21 and have gained weight as well as have more mental clarity and balance in my life. Not only has my hunger returned, but she has also helped me clear energies that were trapped and have held me back.  She is caring and thorough in her approach. I’m so grateful for her help!”

Melissa W, NY

“I have to tell you…this cat has not been able to move at all, no forward nor backward movement…always laying on his side…One hour after your session he had crawled half across the bed…I feed him propped between 2 pillows because he couldn’t hold himself up…he held himself up to eat tonight!!!! I was so excited!!!! Thank you!!!

Sharon O., Herbie’s mom, NY

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