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Marketing Consultant: Katrin Haldeman, Idea-faqtory

Logo Design, Graphic Design and Site Mockup:

Clementine Breed,

Site Design on Wix platform: Zoe Lynds

Background Picture: Lac Blanc in Val d'Isère, France by photographer Claude Mansiot,

Photographs by Stan Blanchard, Arthur Martins Araripe and Florence Lynds unless otherwise indicated 

Youtube videos by SomaEnergetics

Chakra Artwork by Anne Steinlein,


The Aura layers' visual was copied from

The first Fibonacci Series collage was done by FL with pictures with unknown credits from the internet. The second Fibonacci Series collage used on the Services page was copied from

The first graphic used on the Brain Wave Frequencies page was copied from

The second visual was copied from The third one has unknown credits from the internet

The animals collage on the Services page was copied from

The closeup of massage therapist hands on the Beyond Sound page was purchased from

The craniosacral therapy collage has unknown credits

The cosmos picture was purchased from

The content, layout, design, data, databases and graphics on this website are protected by United States intellectual property laws. Content is solely owned by us, unless otherwise indicated.  

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