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Solfeggio Tuning Session

During a typical session, I use the balancing power of the SomaEnergetics Tuning Forks to identify energetic blockages in the chakra system and harmonize the energy.

Clients report having felt a shift ranging from pain and stress relief to feeling lighter yet grounded and centered. When tunings are experienced on a regular basis, clients report definite changes overtime in their life and consciousness.

If time allows and depending on the client’s needs, I will occasionally also use Brain Tuners to rebalance the brain.

Sessions are 90 minutes and cost $90 ($92 with Venmo).

Discovery package: $240 ($245 with Venmo) for 3 sessions

Mulit colored tuning forks on rocks that are shades of brown and grey
Mona Lisa and  fibonacci images on the left

Fibonacci Tuning Session

The Fibonacci Tuners are tuning forks based on the Fibonacci series’ intervals that work with balancing the nervous system and bring about altered states of consciousness to increase creativity and help in healing trauma and addictions.

The session starts with a balancing of the chakra system and continues with the exploration of the first 8 intervals of the Fibonacci series. Offered only in-person.

Sessions are 90 minutes and cost $90 ($92 with Venmo)

Remote Session

Solfeggio based sessions work very well remotely and provide the same benefits as in person. The energy does not travel in the same time/space as light and is received instantaneously. I read that it travels in a negative/time space but I do confess that I do not understand what that means…All I know is that it works!

I connect with my client through a video call (Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom), we set the intention for the session, we choose together a set of chakra stones that I will use to represent the client’s energetic body on my massage table, the client then enters a relaxed position sitting or lying down and receives the energy instantaneously just as in an in-person session once I start the tuning. I stay connected with the client through the video call during the entire length of the session.

Remote sessions are 90 minutes and cost $90 ($92 with Venmo).


Remote sessions are available Monday through Friday.  

Contact me to find a time that works for you.

NB: The session needs to be prepaid using the credit card link on my Contact page.

massage table with stones going down the center
a cat a dog and a horse

Tuning Session for Pets

I have had the amazing experience of tuning furry friends: cats, dogs, and a horse! I have been amazed at how well they respond to energy work. They integrate the energy instinctively and can greatly benefit from it. However, I do not work directly on them as their ears are too sensitive for the forks’ frequencies. I work remotely with a picture or a video call. See “Remote session” for how/why it works. The animal does not need to be still for the session, it can just go about its day.

A tuning can be more or less complicated depending on the animal’s issues and age but typically do not last as long as a human’s tuning session. I have also noticed that a couple tunings are usually necessary to solidify the progress. 

It is also interesting to note that animals have an eighth chakra, the Bracchial chakra, in between the shoulder blades. When that chakra is blocked the animal will have a difficult time connecting to humans.

Please contact me to explore a tuning package for your pet.

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